Gary, Baltimore, MA
My 2001 convertible top window repair for a corvette convertible glass window that separated. Estimates for
top replacement ranged from $1000 to a high of $3000. I did my own research and settled on Rhino Glue.
It's now been 6 months with changes in temperature, at least 10 mechanical car washes and lots of rain
and the glue job is holding firm.

This is wonderful. We tried several glues on our plastic microwave handle and nothing worked. We used
Rhino Glue and can now open the microwave and the handle is solid. Everyone comes to our home to glue
something. My daughter just brought over a saddle this morning for my husband to glue. We are a walking
advertisement for you.

John, Mill Creek, WA.
I recently experienced the back window of my 2000 Corvette roadster falling completely out of the
canvas top as it is bonded at the factory rather than being stitched. Since this car is a daily driver
and I live in the Pacific N W where it rains 330 days a year, this was a bit of a problem. I researched many
forums that said there was no way to reconnect it to the top and I would need to buy a new one.
I found a forum with other testimonials that recommended Rhino Glue. Overall it took a couple of hours
to bond the top back to the glass with an extra set of hands. I have taken it on one road trip of 150 miles
so far going through rain and high speeds with very cold mountain temperatures with no apparent issues.
Rhino Glue saved me somewhere between $975 - $2975 for the cost of a replacement top. I would
recommend this glue to anyone that needs an easy solution to repair anything.

C.D., Hollywood, CA.
Just a note to tell you how great your product is. I am working on a glass mosaic over a three dimensional
plastic mold. Rhino Glue has worked perfect on my project. I am singing your praises to anyone that will
listen. I can't wait to try it else where around the house.

T.S., Temecula, CA.
After I was introduced to your product I found dozens of uses for it. As a hobby I restore old cars. Most
things that need fixing require only a few drops of Rhino Glue. I used it on everything from rubber seals to
leather to broken knobs, broken trim, etc. I just recently placed my second order of Rhino Glue, not
because I ran out but because my friends liked the product so much that I let them keep them. I have tried
many different kinds of glue over the years for many different applications and have found Rhino Glue to be
the only glue I need for everything I can think of. Thank you for a great product!!

S.S, Inc., Lincoln, NB.
Rhino Glue is an extremely strong glue and will work well to put on all your patches. We glued patches on
a vest using Rhino Glue and it worked well.... very well. Our test vest withstood wash/dry cycles without a
problem. So if your like us and can't sew, Rhino Glue will get the job done.

M.S., Napa, CA.
We cannot say enough good things about your product. A piece of molding broke off the front panel of our
car and could not be re-attached. We tried your glue on the molding. Two years later the molding is still
holding firm.

P.T., Upland, CA.
I bought my first bottle of Rhino Glue a couple of years ago, and assumed that it was just another glorified
bottle of super glue until one day I got a pin hole leak in my gas tank. I took a metal slot machine token,
put some Rhino Glue on it and crawled under my van and held it against the hole. It has now been two
years since that Rhino Glue repaired it. I have glued loose brick around the house to putting new rubber
soles on a pair of my shoes. I would not be without Rhino Glue in my home or in my work kit on the job.
It's amazing all the things you can use it on. Thank you

R.R., Brooksville, FL
Okay another so far success story;
Jones Brothers body shop in New Port Richey Florida took my advise that I got off your testimonials and
ordered your glue and helped me fix the rear glass of my 2001 corvette convertible. No one else would help
or believe it might just work. So far one week later it is holding steady and it's been pouring rain and no
leaks. Everyone else said I needed a new top, and everyone else would not even try. I am not a mechanic
and so  I needed help and they used it and it worked. PS. my top is in excellent condition, down once
since new, so it was hard to hear BUY A NEW TOP. Thank you and I hope this helps someone else.

M.P., Rancho Cordova, CA.
I have used Rhino Glue for four years. I have used it on several different projects. We even repaired a boat
motor that the company no longer supplies the parts for. We cleaned the parts and applied the Rhino Glue
and the motor has performed for over two years and is good for many more years to come. Thank You

S.Z., San Diego, CA.
We are toy inventors that build prototypes for children's products. We shape a lot of things out of urethane
foam and then put a hard shell on them to add finish paint. We find that Rhino Glue is excellent for
brushing over the raw foam and fills the pores because of it's viscosity. We can prime and paint in a
minimum amount of time. We used to use polyester resin which took hours to harden and this only takes

K.G., Westminister, CA.
My son and his classmate had to design a tower for their Physics class. This structure had to be designed
out of popsicle sticks. The kids used Rhino Glue and had the tallest, sturdiest structure and even
supported a steel ball at the top. I must say that this glue truly holds, and my son and classmate took 1st
place and earned an A for their grade. We thank you so much.

J&L H, Phoenix, AZ.
Just a note to praise Rhino Glue. Our grandson has a Wiggles Big Red Car and the steering wheel
broke off. He was heart broken. We tried to fix it using another glue, but it only lasted for a few days.
We ordered some Rhino Glue and re-glued the wheel to the shaft and it's still holding. We won't use
any other glue now. Thank you for having such a fantastic product.

T.L., Sacramento, CA.
I want you to know that I have been able to fix anything. My wife thinks that she will never get
anything new again. I think my best repair yet was when I broke the little piece of plastic on our cars
keyless entry thing. I realized now there are two loose things I had to carry and not loose. The
dealership told me there was no replacement and a new one would cost me a $100.00. It finally hit
me, try the Rhino Glue. I took a large barrel toothpick and sanded the ends and then glued it in the
missing plastic piece. I let it dry and colored it with a black Sharpie marker. I slid it back onto the
key ring and you can't even tell it happened. I'll keep my $100.00, thank you.

D.J., Auburn, CA.
Your Rhino Glue is one of the best products I have ever used. I have been buying it for the last 3 to 4
years. It has helped me repair loose bolts, seal a water pipe, fix O-rings, different rubber applications
and even glued some cabinets. It worked like a miracle on all the materials I needed it for.

P.T., Fontana, CA.
Your Rhino Glue is great! My husband is an iron worker and welder. The welding tears up his boots
and we can't always afford to get new ones every month. He used to have to use duct tape to make
them last. Now he uses Rhino Glue and they last forever! He takes it to work and all the guys use it
too. We always buy your product again and again and just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful

B.K., Sacramento, CA.
Just wanted to drop you a line from one of your extremely satisfied customers. I started purchasing
your product four years ago. I have used Rhino Glue on everything from my rubber stamps to my
china. This glue is by far the best I have ever bought. I brag to all my family and friends about Rhino
Glue and they have numerous times brought their repair jobs over to me to fix and to their
amazement Rhino Glue does a superb job every time! Hey, maybe that is why they bring it over to
me because I have the best glue in town. Thank you for your product.

Y.M.R, La Puente, CA
I love this product. I have used every variation of glue you can imagine. Super glues, crafters glue,
glue guns and more. Rhino Glue has replaced them all. I had some beautiful hand blown crystal
broken, and it's fixed. I collect expensive roosters from Portugal. My heart was broken when they fell
off the wall and ended up in pieces, not anymore! I can't ever think of being without it. Thanks for
making such a great product.

N.D., Woodbridge, NJ.
I just received my second order of Rhino Glue. I build and repair wooden model aircrafts for
conventions. Your product is the best I have found, and I have tried everything. I have recommended
Rhino Glue to all of my friends. Keep up the good work, your products are excellent.

C.M., Alta Loma, CA.
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate and use Rhino Glue. It is better and holds
stronger than all the other glues. I use it for crafts, outdoors on my planters, at work for projects and
repair my jewelry. I use it on wood, plastic, ceramic, glass, rubber and metal. I use it for everything. I
continue to find even more uses for your terrific product.

J.H., Sacramento, CA.
i wanted you to know that your glue is fantastic and I use lots of it to build model air planes. Using
your glue has really cut my building time. Thank you for such a great product.

J.B., Whittier, CA.
I used Rhino Glue to fix two plastic shelves in the freezer that had broken off. I was unsure that it
would hold due to the moisture inside the freezer. It held beautifully. I have even been able to load
them up with frozen food and they are still holding tight. I am totally sold on this miracle product.
Keep up the good work!

R.A., Park City, UT.
I highly recommend this product. It is easy to use on any material and a must for any household. I
was able to hem a new pair of pants in a few minutes. The results looked professional and it worked
because I was able to go on a ski trip shortly after.

K.M., Sacramento, CA.
A few years ago, I was introduced to your glue product. It is the most remarkable glue ever. My car is
a 1991 Honda Accord and I have not been able to keep the upholstery attached to the door. Super
glue, Elmer's spray adhesive, hot glue guns and even a professional upholsterer were all unable to
help. Each lasted less than 30 days, then off the upholstery would come. It has been 6 months since
applying Rhino Glue and the upholstery is holding fast. Thank you for your super product.

P.M., San Bernardino, CA
I found Rhino Glue years ago and use it on everything. It really comes in handy at Christmas when I
display our department 56 North pole series ceramic village pieces. They are very delicate and
sometimes break. My Rhino Glue is the strongest glue that keeps me out of trouble with my wife
when I accidentally break one of the pieces. Thank you for offering this product.

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