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K.G., Westminister, CA.
My son and his classmate had to design a tower for their Physics class. This structure had to be designed out of popsicle sticks. The kids used Rhino Glue and had the tallest, sturdiest structure and even supported a steel ball at the top. I must say that this glue truly holds, and my son and classmate took 1st place and earned an A for their grade. We thank you so much.
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Rhino Glue Instructions:

1. Using a pair of scissors, make a cut one quarter of an inch from the top of the bottle nozzle. If  the tip becomes crusty from air in the nozzle pierce with a needle.

2. Surface to be joined must be free of rust, grease or dust.

3. Protect and cover areas you don't want excess glue

4. Spread on a thin layer of adhesive. Do not rub in. The thinner the layer, the better the bond. For porous materials, apply adhesive to both sides.

5. Best results are obtained at room temperature. Hold for 30 SECONDS. Different materials have different bonding rates. Rubbers and PVC’s bond almost instantly. Allow the glued items to stand for a few minutes. The bond will continue to get stronger over several hours.

6. Nozzle Maintenance: Before placing cap back on bottle, tap bottle to drain back down the glue and wipe the nozzle tip off using a disposable cloth rag.

7. Only use Extender Snip Tip for very small specialty applications. Always remove after each use and cut the tip before using again.

8. Thoroughly test your project before use.

Rhino Grip Instructions:

1. CUT a small amount off the end of the putty stick.

2. MIX by kneading with fingers to a uniform color for 1 to 2 minutes. If mixing is difficult, warm putty to room temperature.

3. APPLY immediately on a clean surface and replace the remaining Rhino Putty in its plastic bag for storage in a cool place.
Rhino Glue Storage Instructions:

Always close lid after use, avoid exposure to heat, and direct sunlight. Rhino glue is best stored in a dark cool place.

If stored outside a dark cool place, Rhino glue has a shelf life of about 6 months.

If stored inside a dark cool place, Rhino glue has a shelf life of about 1 year.

This product contains cyanoacrylate. Will bond skin in seconds. Do not swallow or inhale vapors. Immerse bonded skin in warm soapy water and gently ease apart. Acetone or nail polish remover containing acetone will help un-stick skin. For eyelid bonding, consult a physician. KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN'S REACH.
The Worlds Tougher Glue is formulated for a stronger lasting bond that will glue virtually anything to anything! Rhino Glue is great to use in or around the house or industrial applications. Through many years of research and innovation, our high purity and fast setting adhesives will make your projects Rhino Tough.

Rhino Glue started out over fifteen years ago testing and demonstrating our formula at nationwide wide trade shows and events. While listening to their needs our customers would say they wanted the strongest glue available. They were not satisfied with the current store glues that fail to bond or dry out. Many glues are cheap to buy, but expensive to own as people continued to throw them out over and over again. With the latest technology Rhino Glue set out to provide a commercial grade adhesive that was faster, stronger and longer lasting.

What makes Rhino glue different from other glues? Rhino Glue's triple distilled processes increases higher bonding strength unlike other brands in the industry. With materials like plastic, vinyl, wood, metal and more. Rhino glue will do the job. It is extremely useful around the house, shop, RV or assembly work. Great for repairing anything from furniture to all your treasured projects. The real reward is that you get to use it all. No more dry outs in the bottle. Rhino Glue is used for anything from auto repair to marine enclosures and much more.
Why not use what the Pro's are using?
* Convertible top window repair.
* Plastic to plastic.
Marine enclosure assembly.
* Wood projects
* Boat Restoration.
* Electronic assembly/repair.
* Dental models/repair.
* Fishing lure manufacturing.
* Wetsuit manufacturing/repair.
* Auto rubber, upholstery & trim.
* Thread locking.
* Fiberglass auto body repair.
* Glass manufacturing/repair.
* Jewelry manufacturing/repair.
* O-Ring & vacuum belt repair.
Foam projects.
* Metal manufacturing/repair.
* Craft manufacturing/repair.
* Plastic mold making/repairs.
Just a few of the almost 1000 uses!
- Hard to bond Plastics
- Rubber
- Wood
- Glass
- Metals
- Vinyl
- Ceramics
- Porcelain
- China
- Fiberglass
- Leather
- Resin
- pewter
- Fabric patches
- Vinyl
- Pottery & Statues
- Auto parts
- PVC &, ABS Plastics
- Electronic parts
Sample bonding Materials:
* Stress Tough adhesives for impacts.
* Ready To Use - No Mixing or Clamping.
* Clearer Gel adhesive for all materials.
* One Drop - Instant Bonding.
* Industrial Grade Adhesive.
* Manufacturer direct.
* No more failed bonds, foaming or dry outs.
* Complete the job with Pro size bottles.
* 100% Money Back Guarantee.